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Building & Construction

With extensive development experience, Washington Penn offers compounds for all facets of the construction industry - from residential buildings to convention centers, from nail coatings to stadium seating. Our polyolefin compounds for building & construction applications are designed for durability and repeatability. WPP has developed subject matter expertise in UV resistance and pigment selection to ensure lot-to-lot color consistency and product reliability for any outdoor applications.



  • Glass Reinforced and Mineral Reinforced
    • Use of wide range of organic, structural, and sustainable reinforcements for performance and cost benefits
    • Full custom color matching
    • Tailored UV resistance per application requirements
    • Various fill levels and melt flow rates
  • Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants
    • UL94, V-2, V-0 ratings available
    • Class A, B, and C flame ratings available
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